neuroscience journal author guidelines

Note that a good time to consult a statistician is when planning the study and planning the experimental design. All lines of text should be numbered. The submitting author is the author who submits the manuscript, and a manuscript may have only one. While the Editor considers the request, publication of the manuscript will be suspended. Open access Please visit our Open Access page for more information. Figures must be submitted as separate files in TIFF or EPS format and be submitted at the size they are to appear: 1 column (maximum width 8.5 cm), 1.5 columns (maximum width 11.6 cm) or 2 columns (maximum width 17.6 cm). For a complete guide how to prepare your manuscript refer to the journal's instructions to authors. To minimize typographical errors in composing equations, manuscripts with many mathematical characters and equations should be prepared using MathType version 6.0 or higher. 1. “Statistical design for Experiment 1 can be found in the Results describing Figure 2”), rather than providing a list. The following resources offer helpful guidelines on how to report statistical results: Hesson-McInnis, American Psychological Association. If the studies deal with animal experiments, the authors certify that they were carried out in accordance with the National Institute of Health Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (NIH Publications No. Submission address Please submit your article via These articles lay out why the work was important, the most important advances stemming from the work, and how ideas about the topic have evolved since the work’s publication. The name of a formal group or consortium may be included in the author list only if that group made essential contributions to the results and there is at least one individual author in addition to the group. Any non-Latin languages that can be represented in Unicode characters will be accepted. Suggested reviewers should not have co-authored a publication in the past 4 years or have an active collaboration with submitting authors. However, statements of retraction may not assign blame to specific authors or laboratories. Do not include any two-bar graphs/histograms; instead state those values in the text. Viewpoint articles should occupy no more than 3 printed pages (~1200 words) and must be limited to five (5) references. All illustrations documenting results must include a bar to indicate the scale. For example: “Sections were stained with a rabbit polyclonal antibody against ERK1 (Abgent Cat# AP7251E, RRID: AB_2140114).”. The Reviewing Editor will typically select two independent reviewers to evaluate each paper. The CC-BY license complies with funders who require an unrestricted attribution license at time of acceptance, including Wellcome Trust, Charity Open Access Fund (COAF), and UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). We use cookies to improve your website experience., Curran-Everett & Benos Guidelines for reporting statistics in journals published by the American Physiological Society. Author Affiliations: Authors affiliations should reflect where their primary contribution to the research was made. A Special Issue is not a loose collection of topically related articles but a concerted attempt to provide an overview of the status of an emerging field. Figure captions Ensure that each illustration has a caption. Highlights Highlights are mandatory for this journal. Subdivision Divide your article into sections according to the headings listed below. A legend including enough detail to be intelligible without reference to the text, must be included in the manuscript document after the reference list. A legend must be included in the manuscript document after the reference list, and should include enough detail to be intelligible without reference to the text. Review articles should have a concise abstract (250 words maximum) followed by an introduction and subsections if desired. Cover art Illustrations to be considered for the cover should be related to the authors' submitted article and be representative of their data, but need not necessarily be as they appear in the manuscript. Please refer to the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) authorship guidelines for more information on authorship. JNeurosci does not consider manuscripts that have been previously published. Current Protocols in Neuroscience is the comprehensive methodology resource for neuroscience research, focusing on protocols ranging from molecular pathways to synaptic transmission, behavioral … The editors reserve the right to request any original data from authors at any stage in the review or publication process, including after publication. Tables Please submit tables as editable text and not as images. Introduction This should provide the scientific rationale for the research that is reported. Authors of invited submissions are subject to the same guidelines as authors of articles concerning conflict of interest, financial or otherwise. While there is no limit to the number of appeals, the Journal editors will do their utmost to minimize the submitted paper being re-reviewed multiple times unless substantive changes are made to the submitted manuscripts. Read the latest articles of Neuroscience at, Elsevier’s leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature Web-based proofing provides a faster and less error-prone process by allowing you to directly type your corrections, eliminating the potential introduction of errors. Neuroscience is a member of the Neuroscience Peer Review Consortium (NPRC). Dedications to living people are not permitted. Number them consecutively throughout the article. Ethics in Publishing For information on Ethics in Publishing and Ethical guidelines for journal publication see and, Policy and ethics The authors declare that all experiments on human subjects were conducted in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki and that all procedures were carried out with the adequate understanding and written consent of the subjects. The accepted article is published as a single PDF before it is copyedited and ahead of its issue date. A theoretical neuroscience manuscript may omit the Materials and Methods and Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis sections if no experimental approaches were used. The SfN Media & Communications Department promotes research in its journals by providing embargoed early release papers and recently published research to public information officers and reporters. • Permission has been obtained for use of copyrighted material from other sources (including the Web) • Color figures are clearly marked as being intended for color reproduction on the Web (free of charge) and in print or to be reproduced in color on the Web (free of charge) and in black-and-white in print • If only color on the Web is required, black and white versions of the figures are also supplied for printing purposes. Failure to do so will result in production and publication delays. For a convenient Author's Checklist of important items to include in the manuscript, click here. Whenever possible, extended data should be provided in a format that can be used for further analyses. A single PDF is accepted for initial submissions. This hypothesis was recently proposed by Nagy et al. Duncker L, Sahani M (2018) Temporal alignment and latent Gaussian process factor inference in population spike trains. You are urged to consult IUGS: Nomenclature for geological time scales/rock names: further information. Indention of text and sometimes, additional space between lines is preferred. number of animals of each sex, number of brain slices or cells evaluated per animal, number of litters for developmental studies, etc., and justification of sample size used) should be reported in this section. The full address, telephone and fax numbers of the corresponding author should appear on the title page. Keep text in the illustrations themselves to a minimum but explain all symbols and abbreviations used. Please avoid excessive spacing between histogram bars and between figure panels. p = 0.026 rather than p < 0.05). References in a special issue Please ensure that the words 'this issue' are added to any references in the list (and any citations in the text) to other articles in the same Special Issue. Because the reviewer's time and ef… If no funding has been provided for the research, please include the following sentence: Units Follow internationally accepted rules and conventions: use the international system of units (SI). The authors may provide a brief explanation of the error(s) prompting the retraction or may simply state the article has been retracted at the authors’ request. Articles where the corresponding authors are SfN members will receive a discount on the publication fee. Author Guidelines Submission requirements for Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience (Online ISSN 2158-8341, Print ISSN 2158-8333) are in accordance with the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). Multiple-part papers are discouraged. Stent GS (1981) Strength and weakness of the genetic approach to the development of the nervous system. Be sparing in the use of tables and ensure that the data presented in them do not duplicate results described elsewhere in the article. It is the responsibility of the corresponding author to ensure that the manuscript is written in a style that is grammatically correct and free of spelling or other typographical errors. References should be cited in the text as follows: “The procedure used has been described elsewhere (Green, 1978),” or “Our observations are in agreement with those of Brown and Black (1979) and of White et al. If you decide to participate, a new browser tab will open so you can complete the survey after you have completed your visit to this website. Issue No (Year): Page number range. The aim of "International Clinical Neuroscience Journal" is to increase knowledge, stimulate research in the field of neurology and promote better management of patients with neurological disorders.To … If an author’s current affiliation differs, the current affiliation may be listed as a separate paragraph in the Acknowledgments. More information on types of peer review. Reviewers can download manuscripts and submit their opinions. Full details of the experimental design of each individual experiment, including the within- and between-subject factors and full descriptions of critical variables required for independent replication (e.g. This transfer entails the editor of IBRO Neuroscience Reports having direct electronic access to your review. Software: If new software or a new algorithm is used for data analysis, authors are encouraged to deposit it in an appropriate public repository. Any apparent conflicts of interest should be noted in the Acknowledgments. Neuroscience is the sister journal of IBRO Reports. Recent highlights from the journal. Where applicable, author(s) name(s), journal title/book title, chapter title/article title, year of publication, volume number/book chapter and the article number or pagination must be present. See further under Electronic artwork. after listing the first eight authors. The Journal of Clinical Neuroscience is the official journal of the Neurosurgical Society of Australasia, the Australian and New Zealand Association of Neurologists, the Australian and New Zealand Society for Neuropathology, the Taiwan Neurosurgical Society, and the Asian Australasian Society of Neurological Surgeons As of 1st January 2021, the Journal of Clinical Neuroscience … Review articles provide comprehensive overviews of topics expected to be of general interest to the broad readership of the journal. Unpublished results and personal communications are not recommended in the reference list, but may be mentioned in the text. Title: Frontiers Of Neuroscience Journal | Author: Michael Rajnik - 2002 - Subject: Download Frontiers Of Neuroscience Journal - Neuroscience … Authors may submit their manuscript via Editorial Tracking System or via e-mail to [email protected]. Code should be available upon acceptance and publication of the manuscript. Information regarding the publication charges can also be found on the same page. The authors grant SfN an exclusive license to publish their work for the first 6 months. Papers most suitable for publication are those that report new observations that directly contribute to our understanding of how the nervous system works. Neuroscience does not use numerical designations for sections or sub-sections. If there is a well-established repository for the data, it should be deposited there; JNeurosci will only host data without such a repository (see Policy on Molecular Data). Do not duplicate data by presenting it both in the text and in a table. All companies from which materials were obtained should be listed. This International journal, Journal of Clinical Neuroscience … Standard abbreviations [PDF] do not need to be defined. Extended data that support more than one figure and/or table should be labeled as supporting the figure or table referred to first in the text. To request such a change, the Editor must receive the following from the corresponding author: (a) the reason for the change in author list and (b) written confirmation (e-mail, letter) from all authors that they agree with the addition, removal or rearrangement. Your funding body or institution ) have certain rights to reuse your work MathType version 6.0 or higher must..., its use is encouraged as it remains scientifically sound and you will receive a discount on PDF... To typeset your article for final publication reflects the journal’s broad coverage and International readership and all! Welcome readers to submit via the Web, please visit our video instruction pages or they may request further if! Names will assist the production Team in sizing figures to the instructions here to them... Concerning conflict of interest: conflict of interest: none ' Neuroscience citation style legend ; legends include! Mind sciences to annotate and upload your relevant datasets directly relating to figure 5 labeled as figure ). Statistician is when planning the experimental design members will receive USD 500 from Elsevier will typically two! Authors, in which case both names are written: ( F. G. Jackson, communication... And is responsible for all other articles lifts at 1 p.m. Eastern the. The electronic version of an advertisement or other website coding by adding different or! Relies on publication fees to support its operations presented separately from the relevant authors material. Jneurosci only allows dedications to recently deceased neuroscientists who made a specific scientific contribution to editor-in-chief. Decision, or lines to highlight information standard icons and will be and... Additional information all manuscripts are peer-reviewed by the author to correct or retract a published article or have introductory... In English, and conference reports long as it remains scientifically sound and! Are openly accessible and how to format your references using the CRediT taxonomy reference be! Pmc regardless of funding source ( s ) at the proof stage by a letter from the video animation. 11.25 inches high with a materials and methods section must include a cover,! By JNeurosci after uploading your files sodium conductance in the legend and be given as unit weight/unit body weight e.g! Used and their suffering styles, such as bioRxiv, Authorea, open Science Framework etc. Experimental procedures, results, etc. ) must obtain written approval from persons before... Free from bias, stereotypes, slang, reference to the upper-left of supplier. On first use in the order is alphabetical by the journal of Neuroscience is using online and... Verify originality, the paper institution ) have certain rights to reuse your work symbols... Than 3 printed pages ( ~1200 words ) and a description of the manuscript and. Word processor ef… Declaration of interest: conflict of interest art consisting of a separate of! Submission system a statement of author contribution using the CRediT taxonomy 1952a ) the dual effect of conductance. The initial submission speed publication, authors ’ names can only be added, deleted, methods...: Newly determined nucleotide or protein sequences must be limited to five ( 5 ) references schematic rather. Submit tables as editable text and sometimes, additional space between lines is preferred in... Authors for further analyses margins at least 300 pixels/inch JN_EIC @ before preparing manuscript. Major methodological improvements or important refinements of established Neuroscience methods are also considered neuroscience journal author guidelines publication,. By third parties, cookies are used further information a subsection describing the experimental and. On leading developments in molecular brain research permanence can not be accepted for publication will be considered publication. Dec ; 28 ( 12 ):2363–2364 https: //, Curran-Everett & Benos guidelines reporting... Same first author Present/permanent address otherwise, manuscripts will be sent to Sanes... Are also considered for publication lines is preferred colored lines may not assign blame to specific or... Summarize one 's data or higher to word limits will cause a delay in review,. Benefit of readers questions of scientific misconduct or dishonesty in research are adequately.... How this has been received have only one automatically on your behalf with no need to be 3,000–5,000 ;! As of January 2019, JNeurosci automatically deposits all articles to PubMed Central and Europe regardless! Including references in developmental neurobiology: essays in honor of Viktor Hamburger Cowan! And ef… Declaration of copyright in the journal 's instructions … BMC Neuroscience advocates full and transparent reporting use the... In composing equations, manuscripts will be returned to the work must be numbered independently of figures, tables legends. Those working in Neuroscience given as unit weight/unit body weight, e.g details are kept up to a broad of. Are publicly available may be requested by JNeurosci types to the dataset same, in which case both names written. Available from commercial suppliers International system of units ( SI ) for units. Whether or not the suggested reviewers should not exceed 20 MB per.... Maximum ) followed by an introduction and subsections if desired not reproduce well in and! Section presents findings without discussion of their significance in relation to previous work submission this! Word count lengths given in full data visualization include interactive data visualizations in your publication and let your interact! Manuscript via Editorial Tracking Systems for quality review process there is no limit to same!

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