Stump Farms Puppies
Cynthia Stump, Owner
R R 2 Box 90
Lancaster, MO 63548
660-216-0697 (Cindi)


I, Cynthia Stump, do guarantee to the best of my knowledge, I am providing the buyer with a healthy puppy accompanied with a health certificate from a Licensed Missouri Veterinarian with 10 days of being transferred to his/her new home. Said puppy has been vaccinated of any diseases such as Parvo, Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza, and Corona. Puppy will also come with a current shot/deworming record and registration papers if applicable. If papers have not been received by breeder on shipping date, they will follow shortly via U.S. Postal Service.
Not guaranteed is any stress related motion sickness due to the transport for instance, minor coughing/sneezing due to paper dust found in shredded paper which transport uses to keep puppy dry/comfortable during transport, motion sickness due to air shipping.
-Required by buyer to fulfill the guarantee-
1)Must take the puppy to a get a well puppy check within 72 hours of receipt, unless you pick up at my home and it will be vet checked, excluding Holidays.
2) Must attend any scheduled checkup dates made by your vet of choice.
3)Must provide quality food, water, shelter and medical attention if needed.
4)Must keep records as to the above for the period of 1 year and willing to provide if needed.
5) Any and all vet expenses for the puppy are the responsibility of the buyer from the moment of receipt.
6)If buyer should misrepresent him/herself as a pet owner and it is proven, has purchased the puppy for breeding purposes that are not disclosed to the seller all guarantees are void.
For the period of one year any life threatening defects such as heart, kidney or lungs caused by genetic problems would merit the buyer a replacement puppy when available of the same quality. This guarantee is to the original buyer and not transferred to any future owners.
-Rescue Guarantee-
If for any reason you cannot keep the dog in it’s lifetime, if you cannot find a home for puppy/dog, it is buyers responsibility to pay for return shipping for the dog to be rehomed this guarantee follows the dog for it’s lifetime.
This agreement is made in the State of Missouri and any disputes and all cases will be judged in/settled by Missouri State Laws or in Missouri State Courts in County of Sellers residence.
Breed of Puppy:____________Date of Birth__________________


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