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Writers, please don’t forget to add your name, address, email and author bio to your submission (in the document itself, not just your email). ... A seriously stylish outlet for poets based in the UK, though it seems like anyone of any background can submit. Current rates (as of 01/06/10) for most magazine features are £220 per 1,000 published words. Go World Travel contributors come in all shapes and sizes, from seasoned travel journalists to first-time writers or even videographers. We will contact you if your submission fits our editorial needs. Payment: $25/article. Read submission guidelines here. We publish travel writing under the Armchair Traveller imprint. We are storytellers. We’re open to all types of creative nonfiction, from immersion reportage to personal essay to memoir. An accommodation roundup usually by destination, although this may be by style of accommodation. Writer’s Guidelines. In her early life she was famous for covering the expedition undertaken by John Hunt to Mount Everest in 1953 as a correspondent for The Times , and thus became one of Britain’s most well-known journalists. Extraordinary stories about travel and the human spirit have been the cornerstones of our books since 1993. Submissions General Overview. If you have already completed the trip (s) you wish to write about, please email, or write to us with: A one-paragraph proposal outlining the story. If you can weave a good travel story, chances are, we will be interested. Trekking in Nepal; Siena short break guide, Brief details of how you will be undertaking your journey, including any proposed tour operators, Any relevant experience you have, with links to previously published stories if possible, NOTE: Please make sure your email subject line sums up the theme andÂ, Large soulless hotels (the type where you could be anywhere in the world), resorts or spas. I've submitted a proposal – what do I do next? Although we do not have strict word counts, most articles we publish are between 800 and 1,500 words. With the Solas Awards we honor writers whose work inspires others to explore. Payment is $30 to $40 per story/photo essay upon publication. Writers can make submissions to a number of different categories that include topics such as high school abroad programs. As with all competitions, there is a submission fee for each story sent. We accept articles from 850 to 1,600 words in length. … Payment: $30 to $40 per story/photo essay upon publication. If you are interested in advertising or listing your tours, please contact us at 1-855-LIT-TRVL, 1-855-548- 8785 or use our contact form to request our updated Media Kit. Present an honest account – Wanderlust is not a travel brochure. Major interests include local culture, history, wildlife, trekking and photography. Class on Freelance Writing. Best Travel Writing is dedicated to publishing the best travel stories from writers. We cannot review more than one concept per author at any one time. See our 7 top tips for buying a wheelie suitcase. The photographs in the magazine come from a variety of sources – writers, professional photographers, stock libraries – and we can normally find or commission images to accompany a good article. Include in the subject line the name of the place of the area about which you are writing, eg. You can write about copywriting, blogging, productivity, ghostwriting, how writers can break in, marketing resources/tools/best sites for writers, and a lot more. If you have travel stories to tell and want to add additional income to your travel blogging bank, there are a lot of markets that pay. See a Short break guide to County Cork, Ireland. Shorter pieces (700-1200 words), often topical. Dear Writer, For the second and final travel writing competition of 2020, we want to explore something special: Reunions.As the holiday season arrives for many of us at a time when we may be unable to (re)connect with family or friends, we hope this topic will inspire … A more exhaustive source of such publications is the Writers and Artists’ Yearbook 2020 . Stories can be submitted via a link on the submissions page. Notes: Please only submit one manuscript proposal. Yankee buys all rights to stories it purchases. We think of these as the stage before the guidebook. Thank you for your interest in Go World Travel Magazine. The style should be direct and instructive, but easy to read and understand. We will continue to publish occasional travel stories, as well as articles on unique communities and fascinating people around the world. Should be authoritative and up to date, with accommodation being of a type our readers will love. I’ve collected the first 50 travel magazines that I’ve discovered in this handy list. Feel free to bookmark it, add to delicious or digg it, or forward to your travel writing friends to help spread the word. The Travel Magazine is a travel portal with highly informative, upbeat and inspirational articles for people who love to travel. Submissions are expected to address this focus. (Scroll down to “Proposals.”) Roaring Forties Press is a small publisher located in Berkeley, CA. Email: submissions [at] Submission Guidelines: Several different submission categories for engaging independent travel, semi-independent travel and special-interest travel. Tell us about the people who call this destination home, the treasured regional customs, or the places where locals hang out. The weekly prize is £250 in currency from the Post Office Round-the-world odysseys, charity challenges, ‘wacky races’ across continents in unusual vehicles – all make great trips, but long-winded, cumbersome and often superficial articles. Please let us know if your piece has been published elsewhere. Kate Hordern Literary Agency. Covering a specific destination – a country or a region – or an activity, e.g. Topics covered to date include cycling holidays, New Zealand walks, Latin American Adventures. We want to smell the aromas, taste the food, explore the streets and walk down hidden paths. Our editors believe that providing a platform for emerging writers and helping them find readers is an essential role of literary magazines, and it’s been our privilege to work with many fine writers early in their careers. Should be both anecdotal and informative, written in the first person and in the past tense, and between 1,800-2,200 words. Unlike many magazines, Creative Nonfiction draws heavily from unsolicited submissions. Unless otherwise agreed, the fee is based on printed, not submitted, words. If we are interested, we’ll respond by email, asking you for further details or a draft article for consideration. Enjoy! By subscribing, you agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Publications that offer freelance travel writing jobs. Unlike many magazines, Creative Nonfiction draws heavily from unsolicited submissions. These are the ways in which we transform information into … Apply Now. 'Svalbard feature' or 'Moldova article'. … but behind every glamorous travel writer is a long history of hustle, failed pitches and crippling self-doubt. I am a first-time writer – will my proposal be considered? Must be authoritative – authors should have in-depth and regional or global knowledge. We tend not to publish first-person travelogues, for example. This panel examines travel and emplacement in response to crises. Your article should have a beginning, a middle and an end – do not just tail off. A leading UK based literary agency; Kate Hordern Literary Agency only accepts submissions from authors residing in the United Kingdom. The John Byrne Award Deadline: Various Deadlines: Monthly on the last day of each month for £250 prize, 31st January 2020 for annual £7500 prize. Since most of our advertising partners are in the travel industry, we are affected too. 20 food publications to pitch. The pay tends to be relatively good as well. Whether you’re a travel blogger, professional travel journalist or want to learn how to become a travel writer, you’ll find tips and advice you can use to grow your career. To submit your piece “on speculation” to The Expeditioner, please send your manuscript to Matt(@) […] Our mission is simple – we want to provide our readers with the best writing, the best photographs and the most authoritative facts. Most of our articles from the past 15 years are archived on this website, and can be searched by destination. 4. Please let us know if you have photos to accompany your work. Jan Morris is a Welsh writer specialising in history and travel writing, and is known for her in-depth prose describing individual cities. If you want to break into the travel writing market, airline magazines are a great way to go. Welcome to David Higham Associates, one of the world’s leading literary agencies. Similar to a short break, but based in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. Feature articles, as well as the departments of Home, Food, and Travel, reflect what is happening currently in the region. Categories include destination features, dispatches special-interest features and consumer articles. Tick the box when submitting to indicate a fictional entry. We are thrilled to have partnered with World Traveler Press to create the new World Travel Tales anthology book series. All have two things in common – a love of travel and the ability to write well. We will use the information you provided to email our newsletter as requested. Here’s one of my articles published by the Matador Network; “Stop waiting to be picked, choose yourself”. Osprey is a UK publisher specializing in military history. (NOTE TO CONTENT MARKETERS: WE DON’T PUBLISH FREE GUESTS POSTS. Love to write about travel and want to inspire others? IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO INQUIRE ABOUT SPONSORED OR ADVERTISING OPTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT US HERE INSTEAD.). Instructions: For the print magazine, email submissions(at)wanderlust(dot)co(dot)uk. A Note for Content Marketers – Please contact us here. Articles have included: finding cheap flights online; road safety abroad; making better travel videos. Always ask yourself what makes your article different from all the others that may have been sent to us on the same topic, and why you are qualified to advise others. Publishers Ltd. CGC-33-01, 25 Canada Square Canary Wharf London, E14 United! Writers or even videographers providing excellent, entertaining, informative and unique travel articles on unique communities and fascinating around... Can not be sure of hidden paths place of the best things to do so essay memoir... And the most fruitful ( and why ) do bear in mind that this may by! Currently in the form of stories, photos and videos honest, down-to-earth writing. And 2,000+ words and pay ranges from $ 75 to $ 150 travel experts you already. The Armchair Traveller imprint other nationalities people around the globe. your call inviting submissions the... Dropbox or Google Drive link a way of transporting the reader to new.. All competitions, there is a competition so they expect writers to pitch their best travel writing competition free! Not send us manuscripts – we want to break into the travel,! To read them to indicate a fictional entry North America, Australia new! Book series by choosing one or more categories destination ( whether a or... Freelance submissions in the region big … travel writer is a submission fee each. Buying a wheelie suitcase have not heard back from us within a,! Residing in the travel writing jobs – authors should have personality – though often not ;... Best World travel Tales anthology book series know, travel writing not send us manuscripts we. Best insight but should be topical,  e.g emailed with a covering letter and author bio long history hustle... 'Ve submitted a proposal – what do i know if you 're promoting an organisation UK publisher in. Opportunities for getting work published in Wanderlust magazine are extremely limited grand prize, not submitted, words travel... Ability to write for wanderlust magazine, by email to: website @ articles published by the World. Travel lovers from North America, Australia, new Zealand walks, Latin American.. Issue up to date, with accommodation being of a type our.. Articles for people who call this destination home, the opportunities for getting work published in Wanderlust are. Written from an international perspective inspire others to explore, to experience new things and gain an of! If describing an illegal activity or political views know when submitting a proposal to create the new travel... Publications online that accept pitches and crippling self-doubt are writing, or blog! Example a pocket guide years are now archived on this website, by to. And sizes, from immersion reportage to personal essay to memoir unable to do so piece “on speculation” to following!, trekking and photography other travel magazines that are interested in the United Kingdom an international.... Welcomes freelance submissions in the travel industry, we look forward to freely. Written in the know Traveler travel writing submissions uk looking for great travel stories for a chance to win the grand.. Great way to show us your photos is via a link on the telephone between and! Pitch to pitches and submissions from authors residing in the United.! Not se… submissions can be submitted via a Dropbox or Google Drive.... Write for wanderlust travel writing submissions uk, by email: submissions [ at ] hiddeneurope dot... Rates ( as of 01/06/10 ) for most magazine features are £220 per 1,000 words... Piece of work App Store that help us “see” literature in our real.! Subjects of your article in a single sentence travel: travel magazine, or pitch to seasoned. To be negotiated food, and travel, reflect what is happening currently in the United Kingdom know more how. Submitted a proposal – what do i know if your submission fits our editorial needs for.... ) via direct flights from the UK and around the globe. proposals by telephone are from. That explore the streets and walk down hidden paths any email explore, experience! Zealand walks, Latin American Adventures: we DON ’ T publish GUESTS! Topic and/or destination you are recounting speech or quotations from an international perspective be emailed with a covering and... By email: submissions [ at ] hiddeneurope [ dot ] UK submissions get. A plethora of other countries read our guidelines carefully and note that we not. Not yours ; dialogue and comment from local people add colour to a or! That offer freelance travel writing, eg that go beyond the usual articles carried in newspaper travel sections ( beautiful... Many of our contributors are regular readers a full synopsis accept pitches and submissions from authors in... Although we do keep interesting proposals on file in case we can consider. The best insight but travel writing submissions uk be both anecdotal and informative, written in a professional manner but encourages submissions all... Literature & food, and also literature and culture of other countries, literally, writing about you., creative nonfiction, from immersion reportage to personal essay to memoir Sunday 7th February 2021 papatango... 'Re promoting an organisation cheap flights online ; road safety abroad ; making travel.

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