Our passion began with a toy poodle received by my family as a Christmas gift in 1987. The challenges were learning how to how train, and care for a small dog that required grooming. This lead us to many adventures such as 4h, Grooming classes and showing our dogs throughout the Midwest.

Many fun memories were made. Its truly a pleasure owning a dog that grows to be like a family member! We are located in the Downing and Lancaster, Missouri area. Check back often to see if a new litter is available. Please feel free to
contact us with any questions about puppies, our farm, or future litters.

As a breeder, we guarantee the health of all our animals.
We are dedicated not just to the quality of our dogs, but the
quality of their life. We believe strongly that giving them a
healthy environment  leads to a healthy, happy dog. The dogs
at Stump Farms always have fresh air, sunshine, and plenty of
space to run. They are well cared for and loved.